Tory Pereira

Posted on April 26 2017

Tory Pereira

Septic Shock Survivor
Tory's Story in her own words.......

On February 1, 2016 is where my life changing journey began. The last days of the old me were just ahead. While on a work trip in Vegas I went into cardiac arrest and flat-lined. My body was shutting down on me and I didn’t know why. After being stabilized and rushed to the E.R., the doctors still could not figure out what was wrong with me. It wasn’t until the next morning after losing my pulse again, and the doctors rushing me into an emergency exploratory surgery that they learned I was in septic shock. I had perforated my duodenum, which is the first part of your small intestine. The doctors told me I had less than 1% chance of surviving; surgery was my next step and I would be lucky if I ever fully recovered from this traumatic injury let alone just survived through the surgery. The tear in my duodenum was too large to repair and my surgeon didn't want food passing through my duodenum anymore. So he rerouted my stomach to the left side of my body, and didn't expect me to eat a solid meal again. There was no telling on how things were going to play out. I fought for my life in an unfamiliar hospital, in an unfamiliar city on the other side of the country. My fight in the hospital lasted 25 days exactly---and that was JUST my fight to take each breath of life.

  1. Home is Marietta Ga, but Tory currently lives in  good ol' Statesboro, Ga where she works as the president of Sepsis Awareness United and the assistant of Airbound Entertainment.
  2. As a septic shock survivor, she has devoted her life to raising awareness on sepsis to save lives. 
  3. In ten years, Tory sees herself maintaining a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of the sepsis infection on a global level.
  4. She also sees herself becoming a Holy Yoga instructor, "bringing peace and love into people's lives, especially trauma survivors and kids".
  5. Tory has loved Britney Spears since she was five and considers her her favorite music artist!
  6. If Tory could travel anywhere in the world it would be Greece because of the beautiful beaches.
Advice to women:

As a Goddess I would love for other women to know the strength they have and to never give up! This time last year I was so sick and weak because I just survived Septic Shock and had been bedridden in a hospital bed for a month. I could barely pick up a glass of milk, and I barely understood the trauma I had just endured. No matter how hard it was to get out of bed and walk a few laps everyday to gain my strength back, I did it. No matter how hard it was to eat 6 small meals a day due to the trauma my abdomen had just endured, I did it. No matter how hard it was to walk on the jogging trail instead of jog because I physically couldn't do it, I still did it. Anytime something felt impossible or hard, I tried that much harder and did not give up. Today I can proudly say I am not stuck in a bed anymore, and I am the president of Sepsis Awareness United, a nonprofit organization to raise awareness of Sepsis! And I practice yoga everyday! I am living life once again and it is so beautiful. Never take anything for granted and be truly thankful for all the blessings in your life :) 

 Learn More About Sepsis:

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