Sadia Yansaneh

Posted on September 12 2019

Sadia Yansaneh



Student & Entrepreneur
  1. Sadia is currently a graduating senior at THE Georgia Southern University. 
  2. At just 22, Sadia created her own fitness company, SimplyTone Fitness.
  3. Her growth in a short period of time is her greatest inspiration. She also appreciates her humble beginnings because it is a constant reminder of where she began.
  4. Sadia's drive for achievement and self development makes her a Goddess. She turns to inspirational readings and her physical ability in the gym for success.
  5. She helps others find their inner Goddess by motivating them to reach success through personal training.
  6. Favorite artist is Beyonce for the following reasons:
  • She embodies the true definition of a what it means to be a woman.
  • She is a hard worker and dedicates her time to her craft.
  • LOVES LOVES her marketing skills because of her relevance!
Advice to women:
"Stay true to who you are, Always remain kind and understand that what you put into this world is what you will get back (law of attraction)."
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Instagram: @simplytone


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