Nyasia Rudolph

Posted on May 27 2017

Nyasia Rudolph

Stylist & Fashionista
  1. 23-year-old Nyasia, is the lioness of the Zodiac (Leo) and has a passion for fashion!
  2. Nyasia is from New York and currently lives there but she was raised right here in Gwinnett County, Georgia. This is home when she is not in the city. 
  3. Her taste in music is constantly changing so Solange Knowles, Sampha, and Marc E. Bassy are her favorites right now.
  4. As far as artist, she is into illustrators and conceptual art. She even makes it priority to visit the Smithsonian museums when she is in D.C. (chocolate city) because of the culture and it cost free 99.
  5. Nyasia's ability to uplift herself against all odds makes her Goddess. She believes that in a digital world with the rise in social media that it's easy to compare yourself to others. However, she tells herself that she is the best and that is what keeps her going.
  6. "Being a goddess is about confidence and uplifting yourself. If you don't believe in you it'll be even harder for others to." 

  7. In 10 years, Nyasia sees herself living in Atlanta or California. Wherever she resides, she wants to be a household name in the fashion industry. That includes having a long list of celebrity clients and multiple magazine covers. Her dream is to work on a series similar to Sex in the City but a black version. If not that then something  like a new age show centered around fashion with "bomb" ratings. (HAYYYY).
  8. If Nyasia could travel anywhere it would be to Costa Rica! Italy, Greece, and Taiwan are also places she would like to visit for the food and culture. 
    Advice to women:
    "Do what you want. People are always going to talk about you and doubt your dreams but you do what you want when you poppin."
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