Morgan Gose!

Posted on July 23 2017

Morgan Gose!


Fitness instructor
  1. Morgan Gose loves to travel but when she's at home you can find her at the gym!
  2. Born into a military family, Morgan does not have a traditional hometown since her family was constantly moving. She believes that home is where the heart is <3.
  3. Over the past couple of years Morgan has solely focused on self improvement and self love. 
  4. Leadership, charisma, and her confident presence makes Morgan a Goddess. In her own words:
  5. "No woman can ever truly be a Goddess without being a leader. You must lead people in to higher good. You cannot be a follower. I don’t mean manipulating people. I mean being absolutely untouchable in your personal conviction. It doesn’t matter where you are in your stage of life, you can make people happier, and make the world a better place. Having presence means your energy is noticeable. It means that when you are with people you put your whole heart and soul in to being with them. Presence also means that you can command people’s attention without being boisterous or obnoxious. It means people will turn their heads and listen to you. Not because you’re odd, or offensive, but because you’re amazing. Being charismatic involves paying careful attention to how you interact with other people and can be seen through a multitude of traits: being confident, showing optimism, being both interesting and showing interest in others, demonstrating intelligence, and paying attention to detail." 
  6. In ten years, Morgan sees herself running a couple of businesses including owning her own gym. With children and a husband supporting her she wants to promote healthy lifestyles.
  7.  Morgan has traveled the world but yearns to see more! With three continents down she wants to visit all seven and Antarctica is up next on her to-do list.
    Advice to women:
    "What has gotten me through life is knowing that, no matter what, I must persevere. As a woman and as human beings we must stand for the betterment of our livelihood no matter what past experiences we may have encountered."
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    • Shawn Hamilton: August 31, 2020

      How Are You Morgan? Yes This Is Shawn From JROTC Back In Dina… I Hope You Are Doing Well During COVID-19 , I Just Wanted To Tell You I Did Make It Into The Army as a 12B And Have Been Out Now For Six Years. I Never Forgot You Though And How Sweet You Were To Me On The Back Of The Bus We Rode Home… It Seems We Both Disappeared From Each Other. I Want To Tell You So Much That I Experienced And We Also Have Alot In Common. I Really Hope You Are Happy Though!

      Shawn Morgan Hamilton

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