Lenika Vianen

Posted on December 11 2016

Lenika Vianen

Nursing Student
  1. Lenika is a nursing student at Chamberlain College of Nursing and a University of Georgia alum. 
  2. She describes herself as an emotional yet caring Cancer.
  3. Rihanna is Lenika's favorite artist because she defies societal rules that have been outlined for women. She says Rihanna does not let stereotypes define her as a person and is an example of not changing even when society wants you to.
  4. Lenika's persistence and goal-driven attitude makes her a Goddess. She believes that with enough hard work ANYTHING can be achieved.
  5. "You should always want to better yourself and never settle for mediocrity" -LV
  • Emotional YET caring Cancer 
Advice to women:
"I would like other women to know that as a future nurse who is looking for ways to give back to the community and help others."
Follow Lenika:
Instagram: @the_1stQUEEN

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  • Deante Hitchcock : December 11, 2016

    She fine ???

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