Ginny Moore

Posted on November 12 2016

Ginny Moore


Student at University of Georgia
  1. Ginny's greatest inspiration is Leandra Medine, the founder of "Man Repeller" website, a fashion blog.
  2. She admires Leandra's confidence, fearlessness, and ability to not care what others think.
  3. Ginny says that her big personality is what separates her from others. She loves to make people laugh. Even her mom thinks she is funny, so it must be true!
  4. The longest relationship she has been in is the one she has with Ben & Jerry. She says that they have yet to disappoint her ;) The deal breaker is that they don't send a "what you doin" text at 2 a.m. 
    Advice to women:
    The "Gequila:" A perfect and delicious mixture of tequila and pineapple juice. "Who knew people have been drinking this for quite some time?" 
    The perfected 5-day-old eyeline: "What you do is apply mascara and eyeliner on Monday, continually touching it up as it wears off, until your weekly shower on Friday. Just ignore the giant dark smears of leftover mascara under your eyes." It is the perfect blend of professionally done makeup and of course, extreme laziness. And yes, it is THAT easy.

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