Dominique Viard

Posted on July 23 2017

Dominique Viard
Naturalista & Blogger
  1. 19-year-old Dominique Viard is taking the internet by storm with her video blog on YouTube. From topics about embracing natural hair in the work place to makeup tutorials, her blog is POPPIN!
  2. Hailing from THE Queens, New York Dominique resides in Georgia but misses the city life and her family from up north.
  3. Shameless Maya, a content creator on YouTube is her favorite artist! She has taught Dominique to be herself without shame. Most importantly to not let the worlds judgement stop her in anyway or prevent her from expressing creativity and loving her true self.
  4. Dominique embraces her inner Goddess by remaining passionate about promoting self-love. She believes that as a woman of color. society sometimes does not recognize our beauty and the importance of loving who we are. Most importantly, Dominique wants all women to together by speaking positive affirmations and showing positive representation for other Goddesses.
  5. In ten years, Dominique hopes for happiness, love, peace, and making a positive impact in people's lives with God's will.
  6. If Dominique could travel anywhere in the world it would be to an island. Traveling to a beach with clear blue water, a beach, and an opportunity to feel the sun so her melanin can glow is a goal.
    Advice to women:
    I would want other women to know that I truly wish that all women find their self-love and self-worth. Those two things are essential to having anything healthy in life whether it is a relationship or a healthy lifestyle. Self love doesn’t come to you over night, and it took me a long time but now that I have it, it was worth the fight and it is the greatest super power a woman can hold.
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