Denise Kowalczewska

Posted on May 21 2017

Denise Kowalczewska

Lifestyle & Faith Blogger
  1. Denise was born all the way in Aschaffenburg, Germany! A few things she misses are her friends and family, German food, and the city life.
  2. Empire's very own, Jussie Smollett is one of Denise's favorite music artist! She loves his amazing voice and his loving personality. A few of his hits including "Mama", "Good enough", "Good People", and "Chasing The Sky are her favorites!
  3. As a blogger, Denise created Life Through Her Eyes to inspire others through her life experiences. She believes that life is too short to be selfish and she chooses to be selfless. Her blog allows others to look to her for positive reinforcement.
  4. In ten years, sees herself completing goals that include helping underprivileged children, finding homes for dogs in shelters and marrying a "go-getter."
  5. If Denise could travel anywhere in the world she would love to visit Greece and Italy. 
Advice to women:

 "You become what you believe. Don't let your past define you and keep where you are, let it be used as growth and motivation to get you higher to where you really want to be and have never been. Nothing is impossible."



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