Goddess Spotlight

  • Nia Sultana

    Nia niy·yuh Artist Shop for this crochet look: www.madewithlove13.com Nia is a free-spirited young woman whose independence makes her a Goddess. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY As an artist Nia enjoys singing, painting,...

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  • Krystal Ketcham

    Krystal Ketcham   Krys-tal Entertainment Journalist Krystal found her love for journalism in high school. There she enjoyed recording basketball games and editing them to air on the school’s station....

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  • Cheeno Grey

    Cheeno Grey CHEE-noh GRAY  Model Cheeno is a goddess because she loves being herself by not conforming to the "norm" and embracing who she is. Does whatever makes her happy even when...

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  • Sadia Yansaneh

    Sadia  Sa-dee-uh   Student & Entrepreneur Sadia is currently a graduating senior at THE Georgia Southern University.  At just 22, Sadia created her own fitness company, SimplyTone Fitness. Her growth...

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  • Tamika Smith

    Tamika Me-Kah Entrepreneur & CEO: Touch of Fancy Cosmetics  Tamika, aka Mika2fancy is the entrepreneur of black owned cosmetics company Touch Of Fancy Cosmetics. As a true Pisces she’s a...

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  • Kali Dean

    Kah-Lee Independent DJ Q&A Where were you born or where is home/ your hometown? What do you miss the most about home?  I was born in Connecticut and raised in...

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